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A natural blend of sun-dried rose petal, lemongrass, fuller earth, Fenugreek, Moringa, Papaya Peel(Raw Papaya) and Pistachios detoxifies and exfoliates dead cells. Rejuvinate facial skin health and feel refreshed with our Detox Scrub and Tejaswani Pack...
The beauty bundle is the best face exfoliator, blended with the goodness of saffron, curcumin, aloevera, extracts of lemon peel and other potent herbs. Saffron De Tan gel acts as an instant miracle and lightens and brightens the skin. Saffron possess...
"I have tried using Clovia Botaniqa & Sutatva Naturals Shampoo & Golden Glow Face Serum for by referral from a friend since then there has been no need to go for any other product. Sutatva has made my life much better at a level I never knew was possible ..."

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