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benefits of henna

Benefits of Henna For your Hair

What is Henna and benefits of henna

Henna is an Ayurvedic Product from 100% Sun-dried Organic Henna Leaves. Powdered Henna is one of the most widely used and Popular Ingredients by women in India and now overseas also. Women have been reaping the benefits of Henna since times immemorial in our country. Henna has been the choice no 1 of our grandmothers and mothers and continues to remain widely used to color our hair. While most of us know that Henna is an amazing natural hair dye, there are many other benefits of it which we do not know. While earlier it was used in form of henna leaves, now days its powdered form is more popular among modern women due to its ease of use. Let us understand the benefits of this wonder herb for your hair.

Key Benefits

Hair Growth: The natural properties of henna help in boosting  hair growth. Henna Powder can also be used to create a Henna Oil that can be applied to boost hair growth.

Hair Fall: Henna directly benefits the scalp, and hence assists in improving the follicle health immensely. This helps to contain hair fall, and prevent / correct hair thinning.

It conditions your hair: When used with hydrating ingredients , henna is a great conditioner. All you need to do is apply a henna hair pack for a short period of time and get hair that is  silky smooth for days on end.

Dandruff Protection: Henna helps clean grease and dirt from your scalp, including dandruff. Using henna regularly not only cures dandruff problems, but  it also prevents it from coming back.

Scalp itchiness: Henna is a  natural anti-fungal and anti-microbial herb that that work to soothe your scalp. This results in  controlling Itchiness in the process.

Natural hair dye: One of its most obvious reasons for its use. Henna is a fabulous hair dye. Not only is it a great natural alternative to toxic chemicals , it is also healthy for hair, and cost-effective for your wallet.

Split Ends: Dry and damaged hair causes split ends. Hence  just cutting them is not enough. You have to end  the cycle that causes split ends in the first place.Therefore using henna is a great way to do this. Henna deeply conditions / nourishes our hair to prevent dry hair and  your split ends.

Adds thickness and lustre: The tannin present in henna binds with the hair making it stronger. It does not even penetrate the hair cortex, which causes minimum damage. This enables thicker, lustrous hair with every application.

Balances pH and oil production: Henna helps to calm down and overactive sebaceous gland. Hence it controls oil production in the process. It also restores the pH of the scalp to its natural  level, thus strengthening the hair follicles.

Nourishes your scalp and hair: It has naturally nourishing properties. This makes it the perfect herb to manage dry, damaged and unhealthy hair and transform them into soft, shiny, tresses.

Pros & Cons with Chemical Dyes

In its natural form, henna is completely safe with no side effects. It gives an amazing hair color coverage, delivering a  shade richer with every apply. While Henna is undoubtedly messy to apply and  it does not offer you much variety in terms of hair color. Sometimes mehendi when used alone  is also sort of drying, so you have to ensure that you employ a deep conditioning treatment after applying it. Chemical dye gives you the liberty to change your hair color as often as you want, and gives you a variety of options to choose from. Compared to henna, it is also relatively quick and convenient and far less messy. However disadvantages of chemical dyes are far more than its advantages.

Further, chemical based dyes are known to cause allergic reactions, hair loss, lupus, asthma, and even dementia. Besides these severe side effects, these toxic dyes can strip the hair cuticle and leave it porous. These dyes also requires major upkeep with regular touch ups, which adds on to the cost on your wallet.

So go ahead and adopt a healthy hair coloring option if nothing else. Many of our customers have become regular users of sutatva hair color combo of henna and indigo hair color which is another great healthy option to color your hair. Do connect with the team at sutatva customer care to get the healthy options for coloring your hairs with these two combos.

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