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Aging and Dry Skin

Aging and Dry Skin

What causes skin to get dry and loose luster with Age? Sun damage, and decreased cell renewal can all cause aging and dry  skin.Loss of hormones as we age can also lead to dry skin. As we Age, The skin also doesn’t produce as much natural moisturizing factor. As a Result the top layers of skin become dry.

According to Ayurveda, the accumulation of Vata in the body  causes dry skin. People over 50 are mostly affected by this problem. Too much Vata dries out the skin, makes our hair thin and dry, and makes our fingernails brittle.

So in order to reverse our aging and dry skins we must reduce the Vata element in our bodies. For that, We need to increase the skin’s moisture level and protect it from dryness.

There are various herbal remedies that Ayurveda recommends. Changing your skin care routine can also better your quality of life, without meaning that you have to spend a lot of money.

Natural Ingredients like Essential Oils ,Cucumber, Saffron , Nuts like Almonds etc are  very beneficial for the skin. Besides these there are some 26 rare herbs in  Ayurveda formulations like Sutatva Golden Glow Serum which can quickly revive the skin health. Products like Handmade Wine Scrub ,Almond Saffron Anti Aging Pack and Saffron Cucumber Cream also have all the necessary ingredients to reduce this Vata Imbalance.

As Ayurveda is a holistic Treatment, hence besides usage of  these products, there are many lifestyle changes that one needs to make. Please do get in touch with sutatva Skin Specialist to discuss your Concerns related to aging and dry skin.

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