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Anti Tanning

Natural Ways to Remove Sun Tan

Tanning is a common problem faced by many during Indian summers. No matter how hard we try, the reality is that most of us are exposed to sun’s rays on a regular basis which can cause our skin to go red, become a shade darker, or can be seen as dark patches or dead skin. Our Anti Tan Pack and other products contain special formulations  to take care of the effects of Sun Tan in a Natural way.

We have covered in detail how we can take care of the effects of Sun Tan in our detailed Blog – Natural Ways to Remove Sun Tan. Sutatva has many products that can help you recover from the effects of Sun Tan. Among them the most recommended are Orange Peel Scrub and Saffron De Tan Gel.

Saffron is an ingredient used since ages  to treat the skin and remove tan. When saffron is mixed with fresh honey, it can remove all the blotches of sun tan in a natural way. Saffron has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and skin lightening properties. Our Saffron De Tan Gel has the goodness of all saffron, Honey, etc. Hence it provides you a very effective treatment from Sun Tanning. Sutatva’s Orange Peel Scrub has the goodness of red lentils and organic orange peel and works great for removal of tans. Red lentils work very well for tan removal. When combined with aloe vera and tomato extract, it can remove tan quickly.  Use this Anti Tan pack every alternate day for a week or two and then twice a week.

Please do book a free appointment and consultation with our skin specialist to help us design a specialized regime for you.

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