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Brittle Hair/Hair Breakage

What causes Brittle hair

Hair Breakage and Brittle Hair can happen because of variety of reasons

1)Products for coloring, perming, or relaxing the hair has chemicals that can weaken the hair and make it more likely to break.
2)Excessive Brushing/combing the hair.
3)Excessive use of heat with dryers etc can damage the hair shafts causing brittle hair.
4)Hot weather and humid climates also increase the risk of breakage.
5)Severe nutrient deficiencies may also lead to hair loss.
6)Extreme stress can cause damage to the hair
7)A lack of regular haircuts can result in split ends. These broken ends make the hair more likely to break.

8)Tight hairstyles can also stretch or break the hair away from the root

How to Treat and Prevent Hair Breakage

Ayurvedic treatment is holistic in nature and tries to cure by balancing the Vata, Kapha and Pitta imbalances. Since Hear Breakage is essentially a Vata Imbalance.Hence a treatment with Diet and Appropriate Hair Nutrition can balance the Vata of one’s Body.

Its very important that a Vata Pacifying Diet should become a regular part of your diets. These could be fruits most grains, root vegetables, milk, ghee, fresh yogurt,, nuts, seeds, oils. Also put in sour additions to your diet like a squeeze of lemon , lime juice, a splash of vinegar, a bowl of miso, a slice of cheese, or a dollop of sour cream. Minimize Spicy hot flavor like that found in chilies, radishes, turnips, raw onions, and many especially heating spices

Topical Treatment of hair with tonics such as the sutatva Hair and Scalp Tonic is also a recommended effective treatment.As it contains a blend of 28 Ayurvedic Ingredients including many essential oils,it is a complete treatment  to nourish your hair. Hence it is an important ayurvedic product to treat hair breakages, Hair Fall etc.

Please do schedule a free consultation with our hair specialists to help us work with you for a customized treatment regime for you.

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