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Dark Circle

Dark Circles Treatment

Reason for Dark Circles

One of the most common skin problems men & women face is dark circles. With increasing stress and lack of Sleep
a Lot of people are struggling with this problem. However one can heal and reverse Dark circles using products designed for Ayurvedic Treatment of Dark Circles.

From an ayurvedic point of view, Dark Circles is a vata imbalance. This balance can be revived by using the healing properties of Rose Petals.  Organic Rose Water and Handmade Rose Petal Gel contains rich extracts of these rose petals are very effective.

Ayurvedic Treatment with Rose Based Products

Rose water  clears the dead skin cells present on your skin and it opens the blocked skin pores present under your eyes. This helps to fade away the dark circles and protects your eyes from such problems.

Rosewater contains a  number of minerals, vitamin A, Vitamin C, and flavonoids that help in reduction of  dark circles by protecting and refreshing your skin.

Rosewater also contains a mild amount of astringent property which acts as a natural toner of the skin and helps to fade away the dark circles.  It balances the pH of your skin naturally which helps in eliminating the dark pigmentation.

It additionally also works as a refreshing and nourishing agent that will make your skin softer and more radiant by effectively relieving the stress. In addition, it can also make your eyes lighter and calmer to eliminate dark circles under your eyes.

Rosewater leaves a soothing effect on your skin. This soothing effect can help to soothe the stressed and irritated eye which promotes lightening of these dark circles and preventing the reformation of them.

Rose Petal Gels also have a similar effect. Rose Petal Gel is a Handmade Paste made of Organically Grown Roses. The petal extract of these roses naturally cool down and heals the delicate under-eye skin.

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