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Day and Night cream

Ayurvedic Cream Benefits

Ayurvedic Day and Night cream have been used and recommended since ages, as they promise to benefit your skin in multiple ways. These creams do not have  harmful ingredients, which cuts down the risk of irritation and inflammation on the skin. They can make your skin appear beautiful, glowing and younger all at the same time.

Our Top Ayurvedic Day and Night cream are Aloe Vera Cream and Amber Glow Cream .

Aloe Vera Cream is an all-natural and soothing cream that moisturizes deeply, and also protects your skin from acne and tanning. The soothing nature of Aloe Vera has been known and respected by the people who believe in the power of natural healing. Sutatva Aloe Vera cream has anti-inflammatory and cooling properties, which can do wonders for almost every type of skin. It protects the skin and treats various conditions such as acne and infections. It contains pure extract from the aloe vera plant. Aloe Vera, a modest houseplant is a ‘miracle wonder,’ plant, often hiding in sight. While its rich in nutrients and is hence mainly a medicinal herb. But it also has some great benefits for skin. Therefore, here  are some reasons why we should use this Cream for your face.

Amber Glow Day Cream is another one of our  best face creams with its  unique blend of natural oils, herbs and fruit extracts. A blend which promises to nourish and replenish your skin, making you feel beautiful throughout the day. This Day Cream soothes and smoothens the skin by its antipruritic properties. Therefore it  Helps in Hydrating the Skin and Keeping it Glowing. So go ahead and make this a regular part of your day to day life to have an ever-glowing fresh skin. This cream has 100% organically grown Ingredients and the perfect blend of these Ingredients done using ancient ayurvedic practices.

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