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Face Wash

Face Wash for Healthy Skin

Face Wash is  important for everyone for health and beauty reasons.Your face is the first thing people notice – so you want it to look its best. You also want to use  products that are natural and organic. That’s why we created a  Rose face wash with Curcumin and rose. Curcumin  cleanses and cares for your skin. There’s nothing better than a refreshing, revitalizing cleanser to wake us up. And this face wash also provides a relaxing, luxuriously thorough routine before bed. Whatever your skin needs, whether you want a face wash for oily skin or to remove make-up, we know one thing: once you try our Ayurvedic Face Wash and  you won’t go back to anything else.

Our Ayurvedic Face Wash formula reaches deeply into your skin – and it penetrates an incredible 10 layers down, infusing it with nutrients and hydration so that it looks and feels beautifully plump and healthy.

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