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Hair Care with Organic Natural Ayurveda Products from Sutatva

Hair is one of the most important external organs and sets the benchmarks for external Beauty. A nice long lustrous hair is result of a well followed natural hair care regimen involving cleansing, conditioning and massaging. Moreover, the best part about Ayurvedic Hair Care is that there are no side effects. At Sutatva we have imbibed the 5000 years old secrets of Ayurveda to create our range of Hair Care Products. Hence, At Sutatva each and every product deeply imbibes the wealth of nature and the wisdom of the ancient science of Ayurveda. At Sutatva, Hair Care with Organic Natural Ayurveda Products is the very basis of our Treatment Regimes.

Modern Lifestyle and Hair Care

In our fast paced world , where we are always chasing some deadlines, stress has become inevitable. As a result of this , we ignore our health, eat unhealthy food and use commercial products laden with chemicals. Besides this we are living in an environment with heavy pollution. All these factors cause health issues which take its toll on our Hair and Skin.

To cope up with such lifestyle and bring balance to our lives, Ayurveda’s all-natural methods soothe and heal holistically.  Sutatva’s Range of Skin and Hair Treatments creates harmony between us and mother nature to address our  hair concerns.

Hair Problems and Sneak peek into our Products

We are today seeing multiple hair problems such as Dandruff, Hair Loss, Oily/Dry Hair, Premature Grey Hair etc. For Dandruff one of the best Ayurvedic herbs are Kadipata, Aloe Vera, Amla. Our Bestselling Healthy Root hair Oil is a mix of All these ingredients on cold pressed oil base of Sesame. Further in Ayurveda one of the most powerful and magical herbs for hair loss and dandruff is Bhringraj. Our Natural Hair Cleanser and Hair & Scalp Tonic has extracts of this herb. Hence these are also very effective for Hair Loss and Dandruff.

Premature Grey Hair is one of the most noticeable hair aliments today. We often use chemical laden hair colors to hide them. However, these have various side effects from dry to damaged hair to scalp issues. At sutatva , we have created a special indigo based natural hair color that can be combined with Henna to give a beautiful Brown to Black hair color.

From Dry Hair, Frizzy Hair, Oily Hair – Our Range of Oils, Tonics, Shampoos and Cleansers enable us to create natural Ayurvedic Regimes for your hair concerns.

Sutatva Hair care products are made of Ayurvedic ingredients.These are naturally sourced from the Himalayas and Western Ghats regions. Use of our Products on a recommended regime can enable your hair to bounce back to its normal, good health.

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