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Natural Hair Color with Sutatva

Traditional Hair Colors is just chemistry. It’s all about the chemical reactions between the pigments of your hair, the pigments in dye, peroxide, and ammonia.Unfortunately we have learnt that these chemicals are quite harmful in long run and our hair are definitely not something to be experimenting them with these chemicals. Here’s why you should be thinking of switching to a natural hair color and stop using chemical based dyes:

  • Over treating your hair with these chemicals will cause it to lose luster and break easily. In some extreme cases your hair can also wash away with water.
  • These dyes cause allergic reactions to the skin such as itching, skin irritation, redness, swelling on your scalp or other sensitive areas like your face and neck.
  • Lead acetate is a common ingredient used. Recent research has drawn a link between these chemicals and fertility issues.
  •  In some cases, when chemicals from hair dyes make contact with your eyes, it can lead to conjunctivitis.
  • Hair dyes aggravate asthma as they contain persulfates.

One way to avoid these chemicals is through natural hair colours, which often use ingredients that are natural and healthy for the hair.

Natural Alternatives

Following Ingredients are both natural and effective in giving a good color to your hair

  • Henna is a natural plant-based dye that’s traditionally used to create temporary tattoos directly on the skin. It can also be used to dye your hair red. Henna comes in powder form and is probably the longest-lasting, most vibrant  option. The color can last as long as four to six weeks.
  • Indigo powder is a dye that comes from the crushed leaves of the indigo plant.It is a natural dye that you can use to color your hair or beard, with or without henna.
  • If you want a deep red tint with cooler undertones, go for beet juice.
  • A cup of brewed coffee can give more than just a caffeine boost. It can also help dye your hair a shade or two darker, and may even cover up some gray hair.

Sutatva provides a natural hair color as a healthy alternative to chemical based dyes.Our Indigo Hair Powder is made of Indigo and can be used with Henna to give you a nice rich hair color.

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