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What is Rosacea?

If your face looks like you’re blushing and you get bumps that are a bit like acne, you may have a condition called rosacea. The main symptom is that you’ll notice  redness on your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. It particularly affects those with fair skin, and it becomes more common with age. As per Ayurveda it is due by Pitta Imbalance which causes excess heat to build up in the body. Hence,Rosacea involves healing Pitta Imbalance and cooling the body with diet, herbs and external applications. Ayurvedic Treatment for Rosacea is discussed next.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Rosacea

Herbs and Ayurvedic Preparations containing these Herbs provide a world of comfort to pitta, both internally and externally.  Neem is a power ingredient when it comes to skin care. It is an essential ingredient in Ayurveda. Traditionally, it is used to cleanse the blood, eliminate toxins from the liver, and maintain clear, healthy skin. It is an extremely bitter herb that helps in  cases of excess pitta whenever a cooling, reducing therapy is needed.It contains nimbin, nimbinen, nimbolide, nimandial, nin binene and a bunch of other beneficial compounds that contain anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties all of which are extremely beneficial for your skin.

Our Neem Tulsi Pack is heavily packed  Neem and goes a long way in healing the Pitta Dosha. Golden Glow Serum is a Wonder Skin Serum that contains 26 rare herbs and is used to treat multiple skin conditions including Rosacea. Organic Rose Water has wonderful cooling properties and works as a soothing agent for balancing the Pitta Dosha of the skin.

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