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Rough Hair

Rough Hair Treatment

Dry and rough hair isn’t just a condition of your hair. It could be a precursor to some of the more common but difficult hair problems.These could be  dandruff or worse hair loss. You need a solution for rough hair treatment, one that is easy to implement. Moreover, the solution should not cause further damage to your strands. So one needs a natural chemical free solution which is gentle to hair yet effective.

Treatment does not mean visiting a salon or even a dermatologist.Or spending money on treating your hair with Chemical Laden Products. There are simple  and natural remedies for rough hair that can be included in your daily routine. Ayurvedic Products from Sutatva provide the necessary natural remedies for dry hair treatment .

Ayurveda for Dry Rough Hair

Ayurveda explains the cause of dry hair as excessive or imbalanced VataExcess Vata causes the hair to become dry, frizzy, brittle, and lusterless. It also causes hair to become  thin, fall out, become shorter and more difficult to grow, and present with split ends.

Excessive Vata can also ruin your skin with dryness and eczema-like skin problems. The scalp might also be dry, which leads to hair that has less luster, more frizz, and ends that are not as strong and can split. As we age generally we have predominance of Vata in the body, age is also a factor which can lead to dry scalp and untamed hair

So How does one treat Rough Hair with Ayurveda.

To nourish the scalp and hair, it is essential to give them a blend of proteins and fats. For the purpose, you should oil your hair twice in a week with oils like coconut oil, almond oil etc.  Sutatva brings you the best quality oils like cold pressed coconut oil, cold pressed almond oil etc. These oils are made from the finest organic ingredients and prepared using ancient cold pressed extraction techniques. Keep it overnight for best results and wash it with mild shampoo like sutatva sulfate free organic shampoo.

Please do connect with our Hair Specialists for a free hair consultation to discuss your problems. Our Team will work with you to create a specialized Regime to help you get a healthy and youthful hair.

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