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Organic Natural Shampoos to Clean Hair

The Problem with Conventional Shampoos and Conditioners

Have you ever gone through the ingredients of your shampoo or conditioner? If you haven’t, believe me : it’s scary! . There are over 12 ingredients in shampoo and conditioner that are toxic.Hence one needs to avoid them. This is mainly because they have been linked with cancer, and other diseases. Even shampoos with labels-“all-natural ingredients” aren’t safe. They still contain chemicals like DMDM, hydantoin , ammonium laurel sulphate etc. Not things that sound all-natural, right? Our rule is – if you cannot eat something, you shouldn’t put it on (or in) your body. At Sutatva, we firmly believe we can give the same cleansing and hair health by returning to mother nature for all solutions, without resorting to any of these chemicals. So we created a range of shampoos which are free from all these chemicals and are best shampoo for Hair Fall,Dandruff and general cleansing.

Natural Shampoos for Hair Care

We created top of the line, Ayurvedic herbs based shampoos that are chemical-free. This makes them great for anyone who wants to live a  natural, chemical-free lifestyle (or for those who just want a shampoo that works and won’t kill them :-)). Hence, Sutatva Natural Hair Cleanser and Sulfate Free  Organic Shampoo  contain some of the rare and most effective Ayurvedic Herbs.  These help to cleanse your hair and treat them with natural herbs to revive health in a natural and holistic health. While the immediate benefits are apparent in arresting hair fall, dandruff free scalp. Regular use along with our cold pressed oils  can help in a great overall hair health.

Do get in touch with sutatva hair specialist for a free consultation in case you have questions around the usage of our best shampoo for hair fall, dandruff and many other hair issues.

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