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Skin Care with Organic Natural Ayurveda Products from Sutatva

Why Ayurveda for your Skin

Ayurveda is derived from the words –  Ayur which means Life and Veda which means  knowledge. Ayurveda is all about using natural organic ingredients found in nature to achieve holistic health and wellbeing. Charaka Samhita has been written between 100 BCE and 200 BCE is an encyclopaedia on Indian traditional medicine. With the wisdom from Ayurvedic medicine practitioners we recreated products that are potent and safe for skin care. One of the important and integral aspects of ayurveda is the use of organic and natural ingredients that are untouched by chemicals. Handpicked herbs that are sun dried, well sourced authentic spices, flowers that are carefully steam distilled, oils that are prudently selected are carefully made into creams, masks, serums and masks for skin care suited to modern times. Sutatva prides itself in bringing the luxury of ancient ayurveda with purity and sanctity for your skin regime.

The Sutatva Skin Care Promise

Our skin, being the largest organ of our body, needs tenderness, love and care. We, at Sutatva, understand that a humble skin product is the best thing we could do for the skin. We source the purest ingredients from the natural sources and laboriously make them into products your skin deserves. Every skin demands a dewy glow.

Why Skin Care is not Easy

Like in Ayurveda, Care and Attention at Sutatva begins with understanding of your very skin type. Our skin can vary from Oily (Kapha Type), Dry (Vata Type) to Combinational. Further each skin is prone to environmental conditions in different ways and as a matter of fact no two skins are same.

We all live in a fast-paced world and have little time to take care of our skin. However, there’s no magical product that can restore skin’s  health in a short time. It definitely means that one needs to take care of their skin on a regular basis for a long term effect. There are several skin-related issues, such as dehydrated skin, dryness, spots, uneven skin tone, marks, acne & breakouts, under-eye dark circles, wrinkles & crow feet, among others, that have been a concern for us from ages.

Sounds Complicated. No Worries? We at Sutatva have mastered the art of understanding your uniqueness. Thereafter we can treat it with best unique combinations of our Ayurvedic Natural Products.

Our Regime Based Treatment

As they say No Gain without Pain. Hence achieving a healthy looking skin definitely takes hard work but that should not deter you from your goals. At Sutatva, we believe that natural organic products based on Ayurveda are the best gifts that we can give to our skin.

Regular exfoliation combined with a Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing(CTM) regime is one of the most effective methods for regular skincare Journey. Further, regular use of scrubs ensures your skin is always healthy and radiant. For more concentrated Treatments such as  aging skin, acne our Bestseller Serum gives the best results. And then the range of cold pressed oils give your skin the best nourishment it needs.

A Peek into our Product Range

We have a unique, 100% natural and herbal serums for your skin. A bestseller – the golden glow Serum is a Miraculous Ayurvedic Night Serum. It contains a unique blend of 25 rare herbs and oils that are prescribed for dull, pigmented, damaged, aging skin as well as Acne & Pimples. This unique blend of herbs and oils, formulated as an anti-aging night serum has been mentioned in the Ayurveda for its qualities to helps skin look young, radiant, and healthy.

The Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is a pure organic oil for dry skin prepared with cold pressed methodology to preserve the best nutrients of coconuts. This Organic Coconut Oil is a natural conditioner for skin and nourishes it to look brighter.

The Cold Pressed Sesame Oil repairs damaged skin and can also be used as a massage oil.

The Cold Pressed Almond Oil is also a pure and natural dry skin serum that hydrates and smoothens the skin.

One of the best tan removal products from Sutatva are the Orange Peel Scruband Saffron De Tan Gel. Saffron is an age-old ingredient to treat the skin and remove tan. When mixed with fresh honey, it can remove all the blotches of suntan naturally. Our Saffron De Tan Gel has the goodness of all these ingredients. Our miracle Orange Peel Scrub has the goodness of red lentils and organic orange peel and works great for removal of tans.

Sutatva Skin care products are made of Ayurvedic ingredients that are naturally sourced from the Himalayas and Western Ghats regions. Use of our Products on a recommended regime based on Ancient  ancient healing system of Ayurveda can enable your skin to bounce back to its normal, good health.

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