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Wonder of Coconut Oil

Wonder of Coconut Oil

In summer months, practice slow exercises like restorative yoga, using long, deep breathing patterns. Choose pilates and other less strenuous and competitive forms of activity, skipping excessive or extreme exercise on the hottest days to prevent dehydration. So how can a Coconut Oil Help. What are the Wonder of Coconut Oil

During summer, our skin is prone to dryness due to severe heat and wind. Applying a few drops of coconut oil all over your body while taking bath, and rinsing with water can help keep the dryness away, and your skins stays moisturized and hydrated through the day. Additionally, you can give yourself a massage morning and/or evening with coconut oil. It has natural cooling properties and is great for the hot months.

Try our #Cold_Pressed #Coconut #Oil which is 100% natural, #chemical_free and #preservative free and enjoy the wonder of Coconut Oil. It is great for your skin as well as hair, and can help nourish from deep within.

So Why Cold Pressed Oil?

Cold-Pressing is a process of extracting oil from oilseeds at normal temperature in a natural way without any chemical treatment.Cold-pressed oil is extracted mechanically. The temperature does not exceed room temperature. This preserves the anti-oxidant and nutrient-rich properties of oilseeds. Hence cold pressed oils are healthier & pure.

First we Sundry the Oil Seeds. Then one Crushes them using oil expellers (Chekku in Tamil) at slow speed. This slow speed keeps the temperature of the oil within room temperature. Hence it is called cold pressed as there is no external application of heat. The yield is typically low, but the oil extracted is rich in quality and taste.

On the other hand, supermarkets, kirana stores sell hot-pressed oils. Refining is a multi-stage process. Refining degrades the overall nutritional value as high temperature degrade the Nutrional Value.

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