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Face Serum-Are They good for Oily Skin?

Are Night Serums good for Oily Skin…?

Are Night Face Serum good for Oily Skin…?

One of our customers once asked, “I already have an oily skin. Should I use an oil-based night serum? Won’t that make my skin even oilier?” Contrary to popular belief, an oil-based night serum like Sutatva Golden Glow Face Serum suits every type of skin – even oily. If you have an oily skin and don’t already use a serum, then your skin is missing out on many benefits. In fact, the Night Face serum is perfected with ingredients that can curtail the symptoms of oily skin.

An oily skin type is actually a blessing in disguise. Oily skin is resilient, well-protected from signs of ageing, and rarely suffers from sensitivity. According to Ayurveda, oily skin is believed to age more gracefully than other skin types. That’s because it’s less likely to develop deep face lines. Despite its benefits, the excess of natural sebum can make you want to control and prevent it. Instead of doing this, you should find a middle path, and night serums can help you do just that.

How does Oily Skin Benefit from Night Face Serum?

Many people wonder if they should go for a serum or a night cream/moisturizer. An Ayurvedic serum’s formula is different from a moisturizer’s because it contains the right blend of essential oils that can help nourish your skin. On the other hand, moisturizers contain water, oil, and other ingredients. This is the quality that differentiates serums from moisturizers and makes them perfect for oily or combination skin. Here are some benefits of serums for oily skin:

  • Serums are lightweight and easily absorbed.
  • Serums can penetrate more deeply than many moisturizers.
  • A serum’s formula is more focused towards hydration of the skin.

These are some of the benefits of a serum for an oily skin. In fact, a good serum can be used even in summer to provide the right amount of hydration

Why should you choose Sutatva Golden Glow Face Serum?

As discussed earlier, our skin needs natural oils to stay hydrated and protected. A good serum with the right blend of essential oils can help nourish our skin. Sutatva’s Golden Glow Face Serum does just that. It is one of the best night serum for face which is completely natural. It helps prevent breakouts and also reduces fine lines, as well as other signs of aging. As a result, your skin is left with a natural, radiant glow. It is a miracle in a little bottle, created with the Ayurvedic formulation of 26 rare herbs. This 100% pure and natural formula works like magic on your skin in just one week. It purifies the blood and cures acne, pimples, blackheads, and other skin ailments. Apart from the above, it also removes wrinkles, crow’s feet and improves complexion.

The best thing is it is an all-natural skin care product that takes care of every skin type, including oily. It is extremely effective in restoring youth to your skin and can be used alone, or with other products. You can consider taking a free consultation from our experts at Sutatva who will guide you on the right products as per your skin’s needs.

It is important to understand that ingredients in a facial serum are concentrated, and not diluted. This means you’ll need to use fewer other products for your skin’s concern as the serum is competent enough to address your skin problems. Sutatva’s Golden Glow Face Serum is worthy investment for your skin type and you’ll surely find that it lives upto your expectations. Go ahead and use this natural face serum for oily skin too!

Our Happy Customers are Testimony to Effectiveness of our Face Serum

If you’re looking for natural skin care products for taking care of your skin, this is your one-stop solution for everything.  This wonderful serum that suits every type of skin. Our happy customers have preferred it over expensive products and we can guarantee its effectiveness, thanks to its pure formulation. One of the Customers has written a Beautiful Blog of appreciation here . There are many other Countless stories of Amazing positive changes that have happened to Skins of people who have used this product and you can read our customer stories on our Social platforms such as facebook and Quora as well.

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