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Golden Glow Face Serum

Golden Glow Face Serum

My Pre-Golden Glow Face Serum Years

Today I would talk about my Struggle with Skin Issues and my revival with the Golden Glow Face Serum-An Elixir in a Bottle.

So, I know this sounds super vain, but I have always been blessed with good skin.

I had no hand in this… it’s all thanks to my dad and his super awesome genes.

He is one handsome guy- pink cheeks and a glowing skin.

People always compliment him and he enjoys all the attention.

Well, I inherited the same from him. Growing up, I never cared or worried about my skin.

The most that I ever did was to put on some lotion and that was it. Never ever have I used a sunscreen or followed any skin-beauty regime.


I sailed through the first thirty years of my life, with least priority to my skin. However, I started noticing a few new spots that were alien to me. Well,I blamed it on the motherhood, sleepless nights would affect your skin right? And who has the time to worry about your skin when you have a toddler to handle? Thats when I decided to bury my head in like an ostrich and ignore it all.

Slowly and steadily, it became hard not to notice. The skin had left its usual glow and had lots of freckles and even more clogged pores. Thats when I decided that now it was time to accept and work towards fixing the problem.

The Lengthy Trials

Then came a few trials with all the big-brands products. It was disheartening  as I was not getting the desired results. And needed some one-on-one guidance and some chemical free, natural products.

That’s when Sutatva and Golden Glow Face Serum came to my rescue !

I had heard about the brand on a popular Facebook platform and so many people just raved about their products. So I decided to connect with the team to choose the right products for my skin.

Sutatva means the purest elements of nature. And thats what the brand is all about. Curating products from pure and organically grown herbs.

A New Beginning with Golden Glow Face Serum and Some Great Results

I had a talk with Neetu, who manages the whole thing.Although she was super busy, but she listened to all my queries patiently. She recommended the “Sutatva’s Golden Glow Face Serum”.She told me clearly that this would help my skin regain its natural glow, but I need to make a few lifestyle changes as well. “Lots of water, eating healthy and sleeping on time…. These would help you more than any products!” was her advise. It replenishes your skin and helps in reducing the blackheads, pimples, any blemishes and makes your skin lighter and even toned.

The Verdict? I love it !

I was sure that I would be disappointed again, but decided to give it a fair shot. So I followed all the tips that Neetu had shared, and within a week saw a difference. Well, I told myself that I am imagining things… product can make a difference so soon. However, after a month of regular use the difference was apparent. My skin was more evenly-toned and was loosing the blemishes and spots.

The New Me post Healing

The open pores, that were so apparent in the beginning, were reducing and my skin looked healthier and was regaining the glow of yester-years. This serum is like an elixir….works in like magic.I would highly recommend this face serum to all( actually already doing it ! My friends are already benefiting and raving about it).

As we get busy in our day-to-day life we tend to put ourselves on the back-burner.
Life and family takes a priority. But your body is the partner that would stay with you for as long as you live. A healthier body ensures a happier you.

The same goes for your skin. Take care of it now, keep it nourished. Trust me, it would boost your confidence like nothing else does.
Thanks to the regular use of the serum, my skin is shinier and softer, and I am just loving this new me.

So, my tip for you? Start the new year right. Make yourself a priority, your skin a priority. Gift yourself the Golden Glow Gold Serum from Sutatva- gift yourself a healthier and glowy skin.
Take good care of yourself…you matter.

–Namrata Kalia

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