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Natural Tips to Look Best this Monsoon

Natural Tips to look best during Monsoon season

Every Season comes with its own specialities and its own set of challenges for Skin. We covered in our earlier blogs on the challenges and tips to take care of skin and hair. We talked about skin care during summers in 8 Ayurvedic Skin Care Tips for Summer. Some more tips for Skin especially during festivals such as Holi was covered in Enjoy Healthy Skin this Holi with Sutatva. Since monsoon is around, its best to talk about it and the natural tips to look best during the monsoon.

Challenges of Monsoon Season for One’s Skin

With the first drop of rain, you can feel your senses invigorated with the fresh smell of mother earth coming to life. The landscape becomes lush green with raindrops that leave everything looking picture perfect. However, this glorious season brings several woes to our skin and hair. In this Blog we will cover a few Natural Tips to Look Best this Monsoon.

As per Ayurveda, the imbalance of doshas in our body during monsoon can lead to skin problems such as acne, pimples, eczema, dermatitis and other fungal infections. It can also lead to hair problems such as frizz, hair fall, dryness, and scalp problems such as dandruff or flakiness. Therefore, the first step towards the Ayurvedic approach to monsoon care is to identify the skin type or prakruti i.e. Vata, Pitta or Kapha. Those with dry, thin, dehydrated, cool to touch and vulnerable skin that is prone to rashes during windy or dry weather falls under Vata category. Ones with skin that has breakouts, less tolerance to hot elements like weather food, photosensitivity, more patches and moles are said to have Pitta skin. Kapha skin is thick, greasy and shows better tolerance to sun. Apart from these, one could also have combination skins such as

  • Vata-Pitta (dry and sensitive).
  • Kapha-Pitta (oily and sensitive) or
  • Vata-Kapha (dry and oily in some areas).

Making changes to daily routine and lifestyle can ensure you look your absolute best. Here are some natural Tips to look best during Monsoon season:

  1. Eat Fresh, Balanced Diet

During the monsoon months, include a lot of fruits and green vegetables, warm and hydrating foods in your diet, particularly nuts and their oils (almonds, walnuts, etc.). Eat fresh and unprocessed food to keep your body and your skin functioning at an optimum level. Have light foods as Agni or the digestive fire in our body would be weak, which could lead to various skin problems and infections. Include black pepper, ghee, amla, ginger and lemon in your meals. Avoid packaged goods, fried, spicy, cold and acidic foods. Replace your morning tea or coffee with herbal teas.

  1. Opt for Oil Massage

In the monsoon months, our skin pores open up due to humidity and moisture content in the air. It makes the skin more receptive to oil massages, which can combat chances of fungal and bacterial infections caused due to moisture on skin. You can try mixing neem oil and Sutatva Cold Pressed Sesame Oil together and gently massage your skin for 15 minutes. If possible, do this at least once in every week.

  1. Choose Organic, Natural Products

Ayurveda says that you should always apply products on your hair and skin that you can eat. Anything that has a lot of chemicals in it is unnatural and is likely to give you short term solution, but cause damage in the long run. Therefore, steer clear of alcohol-based skin cleansers or soaps as it makes skin dry and cause irritation. Instead, opt for herbal substitutes like Sutatva’s Neem Tulsi Face pack, Rose and Curcumin Face Wash, and Organic Rose Water Toner. For frizzy hair, use Sutatva’s Natural Hair Cleanser along with Healthy Root Hair Oil.

  1. Use Aloe Vera Juice or Gel

Aloe Vera has many benefits for skin and hair as it purifies the blood. You can apply Fresh Aloe Vera gel on your skin after cleaning it with a good face wash. Apart from this, you can also try drinking Organic Aloe Vera Juice on an empty stomach every day. It has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-aging and anti-tanning properties that will prevent skin and hair problems.

  1. Stay Dry

Although you might be tempted to soak in the rain, don’t let your skin remain wet for a long time as it could lead to fungal infections and diseases. Keep your skin folds clean and dry as it could be a breeding ground for infections. Damp hair also becomes a risk for scalp infections and hair fall. Make sure you boil water with some neem leaves and cool it. Use this water to clean as it helps in fighting fungal infections. Make use of an umbrella and dry yourself if you get wet.

These monsoon solutions work great for skin and hair, and will help you look your absolute best. Try them and stay healthy all through the rainy season.

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