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Organic Aloe Vera Fresh Gel (Ayurvedic Name:- Brahmagini)

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Organic Aloe Vera Fresh Gel for Overall Skin Health

You can find the goodness of freshly retrieved aloe vera from the plant, with this Organic Aloe Vera Fresh gel.

It contains pure extract from the aloe vera plant and can add moisture to your skin. Aloe Vera, a modest houseplant is a ‘miracle wonder,’ plant, often hiding in sight. While its rich in nutrients and is hence mainly a medicinal herb. But it also has some great benefits for skin. Therefore, here  are some reasons why we should use Aloe Vera Gel to our face

  • Helps soothe sunburn
  • Helps to moisturize the skin (Covered in detail in out Blog – Skin care tips for every skin type)
  • Boosts healing of wounds
  • Fights skin-aging
  • Reduces infection and acne
  • Lightens blemishes on the face

Hence Sutatva’s Organic Aloe Vera fresh gel is a light, cool facial gel, which has strong soothing and moisturizing properties. Because of such amazing properties of Aloe Vera for skin and Overall Health it is used in our products such as Aloe Vera Cream besides this gel.

Besides the benefits of Aloe Vera , you also get the guarantee of Sutatva All Natural and Organic Aloe Vera as an ingredient. Our products are completely free from chemicals and preservatives.

Buy one today to enjoy the goodness of Ayurveda and Nature.

Weight: 50 GM



Use small amount of Aloe vera gel directly on  dry patches of your Facial Skin and it will instantly provide a burst of hydration.


Fresh Aloe Vera Leaf Juice And Pulp.

3 reviews for Organic Aloe Vera Fresh Gel (Ayurvedic Name:- Brahmagini)

  1. Mrs Smriti

    “We had gone to Hyderabad recently and the monsoon has just started over there. My 5 year old kept getting bitten by mosquitoes and he wanted me to put something soothing like Aloe Vera Gel, which we usually apply. He kept itching the area, resulting in scars. With my Aloe Vera bottle unavailable around me at that moment, I decided to use a little Rose Petal Gel on the affected area. Since I use Rose Petal Gel everyday and love its cooling nature on my face, I thought let me try this. It helped him instantly and now, whenever he gets mosquito bite, he tells me to apply ‘Pink Aloe Vera’ on his skin.”

  2. Ansi Bhandari

    have been using Organic aloevera gel from last few months ,must say it’s one of the best from the brand I have tried till whole family use it and we are so happy.

  3. nilu nilu

    Finally found a company which is truly handmade and organic. The moment you open the bottle the pure aroma proves the purity. Used best ever aloevera gel ,orange peel and natural hair cleanser shampoo for my family and somewhere in my mind relaxed that giving something good to family. Thank you sutatva.

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