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Cold Pressed Almond Oil (Ayurvedic Name:- Marjara/Vatama)

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100% Natural Cold Pressed Oil offering benefits to skin, hair and overall health. Best Oil for Dry, Damaged and Rough Hair, Hair Growth and Relief from Stress. Being Natural and Free from Chemicals it has no Side effects on Skin and Hair.

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Benefits of Cold Pressed Almond Oil for Skin

Benefits of Almonds and Almond Oil

Almond or Badam is also known as the ‘Miracle Nut’ or ‘the king of nuts’ in Ayurvedic healing.
With its oily, heavy , mild hot potency, it pacifies  the vata , pitta doshas, and kapha dosha.
Almonds are a tonic for the brain, blood, skin, hair, bone, muscle and the body.
Hence Almonds have had a long use as an essential ingredient in Ayurveda for their diverse benefits. Cold Pressed Almond Oil is a blend of the best almonds grown organically and then cold pressed methods is used to extract the oil.

1)Almond and its oil moisturize and nourish the skin.
2)It is a wonderful oil for baby massage as it helps keep their skin supple and soft. Apply it before or after bathing the baby.
3)You could add a few drops in your children’s milk to enhance their memory & immunity.
4)Its also a wonder oil for hair and helps in hair growth, smoothing & keeping them moist.

Why Cold Pressed Oil?

Sutatva’s Cold Pressed Almond Oil is 100% natural and brings you the benefits of this wonderful miracle nut.
Try it today and feel the difference. Almond is one of the important ingredients for anti aging as well. This product is also good  for anti aging therapy for skin and one can use this with another great product Almond Saffron Anti Aging Pack.

Cold-Pressing is the process of extracting oil from seeds at normal temperature in a natural way without any chemical treatment. Cold-pressed oil is extracted mechanically and not using any machines. The temperature does not exceed room temperature. This preserves the anti-oxidant and nutrient-rich properties of oilseeds. Hence cold pressed oils are healthier & pure.

Do Get in Touch with our Skin and Hair Care Specialists to get more information about usage and benefits of this Oil. We can also help you in making a customized regime for your skin or hair condition. Do Book an Appointment for a free consultation with our skin and Hair Specialists today.

Net Weight: 100 ML


Cold Pressed Almond Oil massages, tones, relaxes , nourishes the skin and muscles tissue. This flushes the toxins from the body and gives lustre to the skin. It can be also used for skin and hair massage. It is known to act as a great nourisher for skin and improves skin tone.


Gurbandi almond oil extracted from cold-pressed technique retains its natural benefits. It is a powerful nutrient which can be taken with milk.

3 reviews for Cold Pressed Almond Oil (Ayurvedic Name:- Marjara/Vatama)

  1. Nadia kohli

    I am so satisfied with this buy. This is like amrit. So pure n organic. The almond oil i use for my skin, face n hair. Also using it to massage on my twin babies head massage. You can add few drops in milk. It is just awesome. You can blindly trust the products. Super duper highly recommended.

  2. Sukhpreet Kaur Dang

    I have used this oil recently for Massaging My New Born Baby on the Advise of Sutatva Team. Although this is bit expensive but I was really not wanting to use the commercial oil esp with their linking some of the most popular names to even having cancer inducing chemicals. So I tried Sutatva oil and it worked very well for my Baby. He has a Beautiful glowing skin always…

  3. Tina Chakraborty

    sutatva your truly justified your name. using cold pressed oil of coconut and almond for my daughters along with natural hair cleanser give me satisfaction is i am giving
    them something pure natural. their hair not only improved but its dandruff free as well. thank you so much for that. and coming to me i am big fan of your rose products. the fragrance and shine its gives to skin cant describes in words. can just say please continue making such a wonderful magical products so that mom’s can have peace and satisfaction at heart.

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