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Detox Scrub (Ayurvedic Name:- Nirmalya)

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Sutatva’s Detox scrub detoxifies our face from harmful toxins which are absorbed from the environment around us. It Helps to treat and heal Acne, Pimples and is a great Anti-Aging Wonder Scrub that brings youth , Life and Glow to your Skin.

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Detox Skin with our Natural Face Scrub

Continuous exposure stress and pollutants in our daily lives cause our skin to lose its shine and glow. Just like our body needs a detox to eliminate toxins, our skin does too. In order to bring back that youthful glow that your skin deserves, we have created this amazing detox natural face scrub.

Sutatva’s Detox scrub detoxifies our face from harmful toxins that  our face absorbs from the environment around us. Toxins cause premature aging of the skin, eruptions and serious acne problem. Use this product along with our other natural products made from ancient ayurvedic Forumulations such as our best sellers Golden Glow SerumHandmade Wine ScrubOrange Peel Scrub and others. Do consult for a free consultation with our skin specialist to get a customized Regime created for you.

Our all natural face scrub is both anti-fungal and antiseptic. Because of such properties, its use exfoliates the dead cells in your skin. Besides, it also helps regain your facial skin health.We recommend you to use Detox scrub in conjunction with your regular therapeutic face packs.

All our products are 100% pure and natural, with no added perfumes and preservatives. Our face packs preparation are in accordance with the original ancient ayurvedic formulation. These are tested and have been perfected over generations. We take pride of their natural composition, which is a part of this scrub and all of our other products.

Weight: 50 GM


Take an appropriate amount of the Detox face scrub and sufficient water to make a thick smooth paste. Apply a uniform layer of the paste all over your face and neck. Allow it to semi-dry. Now scrub your face and neck in a gentle circular motion. Wash with lukewarm water and wipe dry.


Neem, turmeric, tulsi, Multani Powder, assorted pulses and milk powder.

1 review for Detox Scrub (Ayurvedic Name:- Nirmalya)

  1. Shaveta mehta rajpal

    This is to thank Neetu Singh and Sutatva for its products that carry the healing abilities of Ayurveda and
    hence has helped in the betterment of my skin in ways that I cannot even describe. I have rosacea from
    childhood but it never got such bad, hence, it could be managed with sunscreen alone. But suddenly, in
    the year of 2017, an application of aloevera gel brought some kind of infection to my skin. My skin
    became so red and there was a bad outburst of acne on my nose, chin and cheeks. It looked so horribly
    embarrassing that all my confidence shattered. I couldn’t even muster enough courage to go out and
    socialize. This made me consult a few dermatologists who either put me under antibiotics or gave me
    steroid cream. Due to this, my infection was under considerable control but a complete cure wasn’t
    being achieved through possible medications.
    Then one day, I decided to give Ayurveda a shot, and there wasn’t a better place to go than Sutatva. I
    explained my problem to Neetu and her suggestion was to begin with a GG serum. I used GG serum for a
    month and the improvement that my skin felt and looked, was impressive. It was enough to build my
    faith in Sutatva and I ordered the detox, rose gel and Tejaswini. My skin felt better and the pimples on
    the nose and chin area, disappeared. However, they still kept appearing on cheeks but after using
    Sutatva for 1 year, the only thing that remains on my face is a bit of dryness. My pimples have
    completely gone out of sight and my skin feels fresh. My infection is cured and the rosacea is totally
    under control. This is definitely the best thing that has happened to me over the years and any
    gratitude to Sutatva would fall short.

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