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Handmade Wine Scrub (Ayurvedic Name:- Asava/Madhurasa)

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Experience our Wonder Scrub for Acne Free Youthful Skin

The word ‘Wine’ itself gives anyone a rush. Well, such is the intoxicating effect of red wine. Grape Wine is one ingredient with some great Antioxidant Properties. The antioxidant properties of wine help in getting the toxins out of the skin. Our Handmade Wine Scrub is a wonder blend of wine with many other Ayurvedic ingredients. This is  to give you a beautiful , youthful skin free from Acne and Pimples.

Main Ingredients and Benefits:

This wine scrub also has milled walnut and almonds.The nuts are a rich source of Vitamins and Oils. While the vitamins stimulate the cell generation, the oil-rich walnut has deep cleansing action to brightens the complexion. This results in a clear, Smoother nourished skin.

As heat of the sun becomes very harsh on our skin and results into many skin related issues like sunburn, sun tan, acne, pimples, spots and other skin infections. It becomes very difficult for us to protect our skin from these problems.Apple cedar is an important ingredient, and has many health as well as skin benefits. It is rich in acetic, citric, malic and amino acid. Apple Cedar also contains vitamins, enzymes and mineral salts, which heals sunburns,Exfoliates & Tones Skin, Remove Age Spots And Fights Wrinkles. Hence it is very beneficial for your skin.

No wonder with all these anti aging, anti wrinkles, anti acne Toning and Exfoliation Agents, this is a wonder product. You can use this alone or with many of our other Best Selling Products in Acne & Pimples, Anti Aging Category. This is well covered in our blog on Acne Free Skin.  Seek a Free Consultation with our skin specialist who would guide you to a best Face Regimen.

Handmade & Chemical Free:

To detoxify and rejuvenate your skin we have made sure that our Scrub Paraben & SLES Free and do not contain any hard chemicals.

Last but not the least this scrub is one of our prized Handmade Products. Handmade Products are special as they are exclusive for you. No two Handmade products are same, which makes each of our handmade wine scrubs very very special for each of our customers. Handmade Products also have high quality  as we spend a lot of time preparing each of these wine scrubs for your skin. This product is one of our best sellers and can be rated as easily the best even among all our competitors due to its exquisiteness.

Weight: 20Gm.


Use a small amount on damp skin gently scrub all over the face and neck and rinse well with plain water. After 7-10 min remove by rinsing face with water and then dry with soft towel.


Milk, nuts, Essential oil, Red wine
Apple cider vinegar

2 reviews for Handmade Wine Scrub (Ayurvedic Name:- Asava/Madhurasa)

  1. Amrita Arora

    I am blessed with a glowing skin but we all know after a certain age a good skin care routine is important.Scrubbing is a very important part of a skin care routine.

    Every skin needs scrubbing and you need to choose the right scrub according to your skin type.Since cell regeneration is a continuous process ,just below the surface of the skin new layer is present.This means dead skin cells on the skin’s surface needs removal by either using a scrub or chemicals.

    Wine scrub is a handmade scrub which is combination of nuts digested in milk with essential oils,apple cider vinegar and wine.

    How to apply ?
    Once a week before bedtime scrub it on your wet skin and then wash it off with water.

    I have been using this scrub for a month,sharing my picture without makeup and you can see the glow on my face.I also use their golden glow serum.Many of them have already shared their feedback of this wonderful serum.

    Thanks Neetu and team Sutatva for the wine scrub and the golden glow serum it has made all my skin dreams come true.You can connect with her and she will recommend the right products according to your skin type.

  2. Amrita Arora

    Thank you team Sutatva…love your products specially the wine scrub and golden glow serum …I’m so glad I met you Neetu Singh you are a wonderful person

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