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Natural Hair Cleanser (Ayurvedic Name: Sudhyati)

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Natural Hair Cleanser (Sudhyati) -The Best Anti Dandruff Ayurvedic Shampoo for your Hair

Let your hair’s woes be a being of past. Our formulation is  grown with the best organic herbs, handpicked to repair and replenish the damage. The hair Cleanser is a gentle cleansing agent for your hair, maintains PH balance, provides nourishment that your hair needs, leaving your hair soft, lustrous and healthy. Due to its multiple benefits it is Best Ayurvedic anti dandruff shampoo – both chemical free and very effective for both Adults and Children.

Natural Ingredients:

This Formulation contains  of Aritha, Shikaki, Bhringraj, Amla, Japakushum, Mehandi, Soya and Aloevera Ras. Shikkakai has a rich antioxidant content. As a result  it is  perfect for restoring scalp health and treating hair fall. Bhringraj means the King of Herbs. Just like its name, it helps promote hair growth. Amla is an Ayurvedic solution for hair fall. It is immensely effective in preventing dandruff and strengthening hair follicles. Aloe Vera helps to keep your system clean from within. It is also excellent for scalp health, curbing hair fall, and promoting hair growth. Aritha or Reetha promotes hair growth, improves texture and volume. As Reetha is mild in nature, one can use it to cleanse your hair every day without losing the natural oils from your scalp.

Natural Hair cleanser is a unique blend of all natural health restoring ingredients discussed above.

Therefore our Natural Hair cleanser is the Best Ayurvedic anti dandruff shampoo and anti dandruff treatments in the market.

Complete Anti Dandruff Regime and treatment with Ayurveda is well covered in our blog on ayurvedic remedies to treat dandruff.

Benefit:It is very useful to treat hair loss and dandruff. The herbs in this cleanser, provide mild cleansing, as well as  nourishes hair and scalp.

A product created with all-natural, hand-pound ingredients that clean the dirt off your scalp and strengthen the roots. Originally Indian made products.

Weight: 250 ML



On Wet Hair take a appropriate amount of shampoo Lather and Rinse. Repeat If Required.

Caution: – In case of contact with eyes, wash with cold water immediately.


(Combination of Following Herbs)

Extract of Aritha, Shikaki, Bhringraj, Amla, Japakushum, Mehandi, Soya and Aloevera Ras.
Excipients:- Olive Oil, Lemon Powder, Cow Milk, Glycerin Citric Acid, EDTA, Xanthum Gum, Multani mitti , coco butter, and natural fragrance

11 reviews for Natural Hair Cleanser (Ayurvedic Name: Sudhyati)

  1. Vikram Sharma (verified owner)

    Used This Product after a Friend Suggested. I have been suffering from sever Dandruff and Scaling Problem. I had used and spent thousand of Rs on Chemical Based Leading Shampoos but they did not help. When I started using this along with Another Sutatva Product-Healthy Root Hair Oil…My Dandruff is Gone and My Scalp is just clean…Unbelievable just After a Couple of Uses.

  2. Shampa Moitra

    Received this hamper in March as a gift for a contest win! And using the products ever since.. thought will use properly before I do a review of the products.. and two months are good enough for that.. here goes my review..

    #SutatvaNaturalsHairCleanser : this product is a boon to my hair.. the ever decreasing counts have stopped n finally be it after shampoo or brushing n combing, I get to see very very less hairfall.. so yes I for one am going to stick to this product- could experiment with my hair thanks to this.. so with hairfall n dandruff problems go ahead with this- I didn’t have any dandruff issues but for hairfall this all natural products surely worked!

  3. Ashwani Kumar

    The Product is Just Wow. I had a longstanding Problem with itch dry scalp and severe dandruff . On advise of Sutatva Team I used this product along with Sutatva Healthy root hair oil to get a lot of relief from dandruff. I also find that my hair is looking lot more healthy after regular use of the Oil. I usually use this oil 2-3 times in a week , leave it on my scale in the night and wash in morning with this cleanser. Its working like wow. Highly recommend these two product combos for anyone suffering from dandruff.

  4. Monica Malhotra

    Bought this oil for my teenaged daughter who has severe dandruff issues. Did not want to use chemical based products for her so opted for this oil and hair cleanser. It has worked very well and her dandruff has completely disappeared. Will highly recommend both the oil and shampoo combo for dandruff.

  5. Amandeep Kaur

    Was facing hair fall and dandruff for many years used almost all brands, some of them given temporarily relief but again same problem. Then one day a friend told about sutatva heathty root oil and natural hair cleanser shampoo. Initially I was hesitant to try new brand but then thought as it’s natural and organic I should give try and it was very close friend referral . Trust me if I have to give 5 out of i could have given 6. My hair is dandruff free ,shiny and there is no hair fall .thank you sutatva keep doing good work.

  6. nilu nilu

    Finally found a company which is truly handmade and organic. The moment you open the bottle the pure aroma proves the purity. Used best ever aloevera gel ,orange peel and natural hair cleanser shampoo for my family and somewhere in my mind relaxed that giving something good to family. Thank you sutatva.

  7. Neetu

    This shampoo is just wow , not only controlled hair fall and dandruff also added shine to my hair. Best thing is you don’t need conditioner. Thank you sutatva for giving best product for skin and hair.

  8. Monica Hukum

    I had been suffering from severe hairfall n weak hairs , one of my friend suggested me this cleanser along with its healthy roots hair oil, I purchased . Sutatva team had given me such a very useful guidelines for hair care at home easily , after 5-6 use jst like miracle my hairfall stopped … Highly appreciated .

  9. Sonika

    I bought this one for my husband.he ws suffered from sevior hair fall Due to daily exertion, stress, lack of sleep .. after using this hair fall almost gone.and he was really impressed from sutatva naturals products. Thank you so much for such a wonderful products.

  10. Rahul Arora (verified owner)

    As per Neetu’s suggestion, I gave this shampoo to my brother who is very choosy and particular when it comes to any hair related products but to my surprise he was very satisfied and happy after using this and now I am gonna buy this for myself too.

  11. Paridhi singh

    So where do i start… my package of the shampoo arrived just before my bath. I counted exactly 5 hair on the floor of my bathroom. It was a miracle . My hair is shining and soft. Another unbelievable thing. Thank you sutatva. This is the best thing ever.

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