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Skin Care Tips for Winters

Natural Skin Care Tips for Winters

Skin Care Tips for Winters using Natural Ayurvedic Products

So its October and Winters are almost around the corner. So, we thought of putting some skin care tips for winters to benefit our Readers. In areas of Northern India where winters is usually harsh ,dry, chapped skin is likely  to be the norm for almost anyone. So how does winter season affect our skin ?

The Ayurvedic Explanation

As per Ayurveda, Winter is accompanied by an increase in the Vata Dosha. Vata is a combination of the two elements ether (or space) and air. Vata is characterized by  dry, light, cool, and mobile qualities. Therefore, we need to keep our Vata element in balance. We can do this  by inclusion of moisturizing, grounding, warming, and calming elements into our daily routine. Further as per Ayurveda, Winter is also the most opportune time nourish our skin. Since during winters our skin is dry, it can absorb all the nutrition we can provide. Of course, good healthy skin and hair also comes from a healthy body as well. So Ayurveda also provides a strong guidance for our internal self care with vata pacifying diets and exercises.

So what are the key Skin Care Tips for Winter Season.

Lifestyle Changes

  1. Use Luke warm Water: While one may be tempted to take bath with hot water. But avoid this and instead go for luke warm water baths.Hot water dry your skin excessively. If one does not use a moisturizer immediately, it can lead to cracks and eczema.
  2. Oil Massage for your Skin:There is no better way to start you day by having a warm oil massage. You can use sutatva cold pressed sesame oil before taking a bath. This oil will help warm up the body by improving the blood circulation. Also use gentle soaps and shampoos from sutatva and not hard chemical based ones.
  3. Prevent a  dry scalp: Winter season is where the vata is highest. Since excess vata and Kapha is the root cause of dandruff, it can be really troublesome, if you have a dry scalp. Take care of your scalp by massaging with oils having base of essential oils such as Sutatva Healthy root hair oil. Use shampoo/hair cleansers enriched with vata countering ayurvedic ingridients like bhringraj and others. Also avoid chemical based shampoos laden with sulfate. Sutatva’s natural hair cleanser and Sulfate free shampoos are natural and chemical free products .
  4. Use of Natural Products for Moisturizing: The key to a healthy glowing skin is use of mild skin care products. Use Skin products that are mild but contain ample moisture to keep your skin moisturized. All Sutatva Products are natural and perfect for winters. Do try our amazing handmade  Rose Petal Gel and Rose Body Lotion.
  5. Avoid Excess Exfoliation:  Exfoliation is good for your skin as it helps to get rid of dead skin cells. However, since your skin is already exposed to dry winters , one needs to go slow on the exfoliation. Use Exfoliators once a week in winter seasons. This helps in better skin regeneration and absorption of nutrients.
  6. Take Good Care of Your Facial Skin: Our face and facial skin is the only part of our skin that is exposed to cold winter. It can really take a beating if not taken proper care of.  Ensure that you cover your face with some cloth or scarf, esp when its windy. Always use a moisturizing face cleanser such as sutatva rose face cleanser to moisturize your skin. When the skin is moist, use an oil like cold pressed sesame oil to your face , hands and neck liberally. Oil has to be used only after the skin is moist as otherwise, it will not be absorbed fully.
  7. Protect Skin from UV Rays: Although it is nice to enjoy the warm sun in winters, but the UV radiations from the sun can damage your skin. Do protect your skin using a sunscreen which is both protective and gentle to your skin. Sutatva UV cream is an excellent product to help you keep your skin protected all the time.
Diet and Exercise
  1. Vata Pacifying Diet:
    1. Ayurveda suggests consumption of foods that are sweet, sour and salty in nature.
    2. Milk and milk products, wheat based food, Udad daal, soups, herbal tea, nuts such as  almonds, coconuts, walnuts, pistachios , seeds that have natural oil help a lot to balance vata. Food Preparations such as  ladoos of methi seeds,  dates, cashews in ghee is also  healthy for us during winters.
    3. Increase your water consumption.
    4. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables like carrot, cucumber, lemon, etc that have high water content.
    5. Consumption of herbs such as  Amla, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Aloe, Shunthi, Anantamool, Triphala, Chandan are detoxifying and helps to maintain perfect moisture balance. It regulates vata, and maintains skin radiance and texture.
  2. Yoga Asanas for winters: Yoga asanas are also very beneficial for the overall health of the body, hair and skin. Following asanas have been very beneficial for pacifying and balancing vata.
    1. Balasana or Child Pose
    2. Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward Facing Dog Pose
    3. Halasana or Plough
    4. Prasarita Padottanasana or Wide Leg Forward Fold Pose
    5. Vajrasana or Supported Hero’s Pose
    6. Apanasana or Wind Release Pose.

Happy Winters .Enjoy good health and a beautiful skin with our small Skin Care Tips for Winters.

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