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What type of Skin Type is Yours?

So, what type of skin is yours. That’s a million-dollar question that many of us wonder and it can feel complex and confusing at times. So, the good news is that it is not that hard to figure out what is one’s skin type, once you know what to watch. We are here to help you figure out your skin type. Here is quick guide to identify your skin type.

The three different Skin Type

There are four different skin types – Normal, Dry, Oily and Combination Skin. Further it’s possible to have any combination of skin types. Many conditions (Acne, Sensitivity) are also common to the different skin types. Once you understand your skin type, you can know what products suit your skin types and you can make a better choice of them. Let’s look at the key characteristics of each of these skin types.

Normal Skin

Normal Skin is one which is neither too oily nor too dry. Normal Skin has typically no or very few imperfections. The sensitivity is not severe, pores are barely visible, and the complexion is generally radiant. Many of us are blessed to have this skin type. Nevertheless, even this skin type needs maintenance and care from time to time.

Dry Skin Type

Dry skin appears flaky, itchy, scaly and many times dull. It will not show pores, but fine lines are often show up. It can feel rough in places, and you will often feel some tightness post cleansing. If your skin is dry, it will be prone to higher level of irritation. With Dry Skin you will often feel that your moisturizer works for a very short time. Dry skin is often caused by a lack of natural oil in our skins. Healthy Skin usually has enough natural oil to keep one’s skins soft and supple. It also provides the necessary lubrication to the skin to preserve moisture and keep toxins out.

Cause of Dry Skin

 As per Ayurveda, the accumulation of Vata in the body can lead to dry skin. … Too much Vata dries out the skin. In simple words, factors such as wind, cold, pollution, hot air, strip the essential moisture from our skin. This results in leaving the skin dry and rough. Also, harsh soaps and artificial perfumes, can also cause the skin’s natural balance to be upset and dry out one’s skin.

Managing Dry Skin

Now that we know that Dry Skin is caused by Excess or imbalance of Vata, we can talk of care for such condition. In order to manage dry skin, one needs to use ayurvedic products which balance your Vata. Use of Natural Moisturizers such as Sutatva UV Cream, Scrubs such as wine scrub, and creams like Saffron Cucumber are very good products for retaining the moisture of skin and providing the necessary vitamins. Oils such as germanium oil provide the necessary natural oil to keep the skin soft and supple.

Oily Skin Type

Oily Skin appears shiny most of the time, and has enlarged pores, spots etc. You may also find that your make up has gone for a toss by lunch time because of Oily Skin. It appears to be greasy to touch and rarely feels tight or dry.

Cause of Oily Skin 

As already discussed, our skin produces natural oils that keep our skin soft and supple. These oils are secreted by what is called a sebaceous gland. Now when these glands produce excess amount of oil, our skin becomes oily. As per Ayurveda, Kapha Dosha, represented by earth and water, is the energy responsible for the flow of fluids throughout our body. Excess of Kapha causes skin to be thick, oily with large pores.

Managing Oily Skin

One needs to be careful when using oils and moisturizers and opt for moisturizers that are light. It might seem weird but oil-based moisturizers are the best for curing oil-based cleansers, as oil attracts oil. One can also use natural scrubs to get rid of excess oil or side effects of oil such as Sutatva Rose Gel, charcoal scrub, or Orange Scrub.

Combination Skin Type

In case someone has a combination skin, chances are that his/her skin looks oily across the T-zone, and one might be prone to dry patches on cheeks. The pores on the nose may look larger than those on cheeks.

Cause of Combination Skin

Essentially, combination skin means you have two or more textures. The pores on your nose, chin, and forehead tend to be overactive (hence the shine), while the pores on your cheeks are less active, and can feel dry. Some moisturizers can block pores and can cause those signs to surge, as can the sun, stress, and a lack of exercise. 

Managing Combination Skin

It may seem that someone with combination skin has got the worst of both the worlds, however there is a simple trick to manage combination skin. One has to simply mix and match products to the each of the need of the skin. One could look for products that tackle combination skin – for e.g. Sutatva golden glow serum. Further one has to target products that target specific area of skin rather the complete face. For eg apply a moisturizer to dry areas while using a cleansing scrub to oil part.

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