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Support Covid-19 Warriors

Support our COVID-19 Warriors

The Unprecendent Covid-19 Crisis

We’re living in unprecedented times. The world around us has changed so much within a matter of months. When 2020 started, none of us would have thought that we would be fighting a war with an invisible enemy. The novel coronavirus identified as COVID-19. Millions of people on our planet are waging a battle every day for survival. At the frontlines of this war are our healthcare workers, police, bank officials, sanitation workers, delivery boys and essential goods suppliers.

They are trying their best to ensure a semblance of normalcy even while we are in a state of lockdown. They have risked their own lives with limited supplies at their disposal, just to make our lives a little bit easier. So we have to support Covid-19 Warriors in whatver big or small ways we can.

There is no denying the fact that the COVID-19 has brought about panic and uncertainty around the globe. Researchers are working 24/7 to find a cure or vaccine to bring an end to this pandemic. As of now, we don’t have a breakthrough and prevention, as well as containment, is the best way forward in present times.

The Demand for Hygiene Products

Governments around the world laying more and more emphasis on basic hygiene measures. Wearing masks, using sanitizers, washing hands for 20 seconds and social distancing among others is the new normal. Consequently, there has been an increasing demand for products such as sanitizers, gloves and masks etc. Panic buying of these products has resulted in a shortage, making them scarcely available for COVID-19 warriors too.

Sutatva Naturals has started a social initiative – Sinag to Support Covid-19 Warriors. Through this initiative, we have collaborated with Crocus Saffron to create an indigenous hand sanitizer called Hand Shield, and donated the same to COVID-19 warriors. These heroes are our ray of hope and they have been putting themselves on the frontlines. The least we can do is give them our very best.

Sinag – a ray of hope – is an initiative that inspired us to do more for these superheroes. Our Hand Shield sanitizer works as a solid shield for our front line workers. It contains 75% alcohol, which helps kill 99.9% germs. Like all Sutatva products, this sanitizer has been prepared with our knowledge of the ancient principles of Ayurveda. It contains Aloe Vera, Thyme Oil, Neem Oil, Tree Tree oil and Rosemary oil, which moisturizes the hands while it sanitizes.

So far, we have donated over 500 bottles for this cause and we’re striving to move ahead with creation of more products for the benefit of everyone who is fighting this pandemic. 20% of all our sale proceeds are being contributed to further our Sinag initiative. We invite each and every one of you to be a part of our efforts by donating a small amount that will help keep Sinag alive. Every contribution by you has the potential to save the life of someone who is risking their own for our sake.

Come, be a part of Sinag – “Ek Aabhaar Covid Warriors ke naam”.

We are all in this together. The future is uncertain but we can overcome the greatest threats by joining hands. Stay home, stay safe.

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