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How to Take care of Oily Skin

How to Take care of Oily Skin?

So now that winters are nearly over and as we head into Spring and  summer, the sun would only get stronger and harsher.The coming season would come up with its share of Dermatological  Problems. The most common among them is Oily Skin. So how to take care of Oily Skin? We will cover a Few Tips on Ayurvedic Care of Oily Skin.We will give Tips with ingredients you probably would have lying around at home. These are quite effective and would not take time from your busy schedule.

  • Milk

Milk has healing properties to take care of your oily skin problems. Soak a cotton ball in milk and wipe your face with it twice a day, at least once before going to sleep. If you feel you need some extra cleansing, just add a few drops of lemon to the cotton ball. Sutatva Products such as Wine Scrub have Milk added as ingredients and can also be used for cleansing.

  • Orange /Orange Peel

Orange has very high concentration of Vitamin C. Even Better the Peel has an even higher concentration. One can use an orange by squeezing it into a bowl and use a cotton ball to apply on your face. If this is not something you want to do, Sutatva has created this special Orange Peel Scrub to do exactly what you can do with raw oranges.

  • Sandalwood and Turmeric

A Paste made of Sandalwood and Turmeric can be used for the face. Mix water and add some Lemon to it. This paste can be applied on the face for 10-15 min and then can be washed off. Sutatva has created the amazing and natural Fascinating Woods from natural Sandalwood exactly for this  reason.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be simply grown at home as this plant can cure nearly any dermatological issue. Its leaves are also easily available in markets. Aloe is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. One can cut the green layers off the leaf what is left is  a transparent, slimy, gel-like substance. In a bowl, mash this gel with your fingers. Then apply this on your face, and keep it on for about ten minutes or till it’s dry. Then, wash off. This can be the best Ayurvedic face wash for oily skin. You can alternatively use Sutatva’s Organic Aloe Vera Gel made from Aloe Vera Plant grown organically without the use of any chemicals or pesticides.

  • Neem

Boil some Neem leaves in water and then allow the infusion to cool. You can then apply this on your face. It doesn’t require to be washed off, if you feel it’s too strong on your skin, wipe away with lukewarm water. You can also use Sutatva’s Neem Tulsi in case you find Getting Neem Leaves and making this mixture  Cumbersome.

  • Rose Water

Dab a cotton ball drenched in rose water on your face. Do this once a day, for about a month. This would not only reduce the  oil build up but also provides a cooling sensation to the skin. Sutatva’s Natural Organic Rose Water is highly recommended for this. Made from roses grown with organic methods without the use of chemicals and pesticides, It is one of our Best Sellers and loved by our customers from across the Globe.

  • Multani Mitti

One can also use a mixture of multani Mitti and Rose Water for cleaning the skin. Mix about 4  teaspoons of multani mitti  with rose water and leave it on your skin for 10 minutes.Wash your face to clean the Mixture and get a Nice Soft Glowing Skin.

Do Get in touch with Sutatva Team to get a Free Skin Care Consultations and Discuss your skin problems. Based on Your SKin type and specific problems, you would get a highly customized treatment that can get your skin back to its most natural and beautiful self.

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