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benefits of roses in ayurveda

Importance and Benefits of Roses in Ayurveda Treatment

Roses have been known since time immemorial for Love and have been used by Poets, Lovers in their Quest for Love. However even before that Healers and Practitioners of Ayurveda have been crushing, juicing, grinding, drying rose petals and other parts of rose to create some amazing medicinal ayurvedic products such as Rose Water, Rose Gel , Gulukand etc. While in moderation, Rose is a Tridoshic flower with balance of Vata , Pitta and Kapha, it is predominantly a cooling Herb (Vata) . Hence it is most commonly used to soothe and balance the Pitta  dosha—the force associated with heat, steam, anger, and stress. This blog discusses the importance and benefits of roses in ayurveda based treatment.

Roses petals have a very important role in ayurvedic beauty care. This is primarily because they regulate the brajaka pitta, a sub-dosha that regulates the biochemical processes in the skin. Hence Roses form a very important herb for our Skin Care Treatment.

So here are the Top Benefits that Rose-the queen of flowers can bring to your lives.

  • Balances the Vatta & Pitta Dosha

Roses carry sweetness which is essentially pacifies the vata dosha. Further Roses have an oily/unctuous element associated with them which essentially is an anti-dryness. Since Vata is associated with Dryness, hence this element of roses also helps in balancing the Vata. Rose also has a cooling element (also known as virya in Ayurveda). This element along with a bitter and astringent element in Roses acts as an anti Pitta. No wonder rose is tridoshic.

  • Enhances Brain Health

Rose is known to enhance the three actions of registering, storing and recalling information also known as dhi dritti smriti. When consumed regularly in form of gulukand or (Rose Preserve) it has known to show benefits to brain health.

  • Spiritual Upliftment

Rose has a property called “Som Nasya Janana.”  This implies that roses create wonderful coordination between the mind and  soul. Hence it helps in one’s spiritual upliftment.

  • Good for the Stomach

Roses as per Ayurveda is a balakarika.  Bala means strength. Hence roses are important tin strengthening the stomach , liver and intestines. Besides it helps to also balance one’s appetite.

  • Balances the Metabolism

Consumption of rose petal products such as gulukand etc is beneficial to people who have high pitta and vata imbalances. These imbalances are associated with low agni or low metabolic fire in the stomach and tissues. These result in toxic increase, weight gain, body aches. Consuming rose based products helps to pacify these two doshas and improve one’s metabolism.

  • Essential for a beautiful skin

The association of rose with beauty of skin has been there for centuries. Since ancient times rose petals have been used by royal princess to enhance their beauty. Rose is used for individuals who experience heat or burning sensations in their skin often exhibiting in form of pimples/acne etc. When taken internally, it purifies the sweat of hot acidic toxins that cause harm on the surface of the skin when a person sweats. When used externally , it helps neutralize the PH of the sweat reducing skin irritations and restoring skin health and glow. Products such as Handmade Rose Petal Gel , Organic Rose water , Rose Liquid Soap and Rose Face Wash are enriched with the amazing properties of roses and are highly recommended for overall skin health.

  • Reduce Stress

Add our organic rosewater to your bath for a fragrant, rejuvenating experience.

  • Soothing Agent for eyes

Rose Water has been used since times immemorial for tired, burning eyelids. Do use our amazing Organic Rose water for this.

Since a lot of commercially available rose products have pesticides, hence usage of these products can also cause the pesticides to be absorbed by skin and tissues. Hence its very important to use products that have been prepared using roses grown with organic methodology. Sutatva products by principles are manufactured from ingredients that are grown without the use of chemicals & pesticides.

Go ahead and contact us to know more about our Rose Based Products and many other benefits of roses in ayurveda based regimens.

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