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Top Hair Problems & Ayurvedic Remedies

Top Hair Problems & Ayurvedic Remedies – Part 2

What are the Top Hair Problems?

We continue on the Top 10 Hair Problems and their Ayurvedic Remedies. In part 1 of this Blog series we covered the top 5 hair problems and also talked in brief about the Ayurveda based natural remedies for them. We Covered the top 5 problems of these 10 problems namely – Dandruff, HairFall, Greasy/Oily Hair, Dry Hair and Frizzy Hair.

We will now look at the next 5 problems in this part of this blog series.

Premature Grey Hair

We have talked in detail about this problem in our earlier blog – Natural ways to Prevent and Manage Grey Hair.

As we have already discussed in the blog, greying of Hair is  caused due to an imbalance in the Pitta element of a person.  Excessive Pitta in the sebaceous glands can also cause  premature graying of hair. One needs to avoid Pitta-provoking habits such as passion, anger and stress. One must also avoid beverages like alcohol, tea and coffee which have high pitta content. Consumption of spicy, oily, salty and sour, fermented foods with meat can also aggravate one’s Pitta.

So How to deal with Grey Hair? Use a holistic combination of Herbal Treatment, Diet Changes,  Lifestyle changes  and Yoga to restore the imbalanced Pitta in our bodies. Herbs such as Amla, Brahmi, Sesame, Coconut and Bhringraj are quite effective. Our Healthy Root Oil is a very effective combination of many of these herbs. Besides one can also alternate with our cold pressed sesame and coconut oils.

Split Ends

This in most cases is a side effect of over-brushing hair, excess perming, too much heat etc and is primarily again a pitta imbalance. Treatment of split ends involves ranges from restricting the use of heat for drying to oil therapy with natural essential oils. One can use Healthy Root Oil, Coconut  Oil to reduce split ends. Using a moisturizing shampoo / cleanser rich in herbs also helps to clear split ends.

Dull Hair

There are many reasons for dull-looking hair. Use a moisturizing solution discussed earlier followed by a nice cool rinse.  The cold water causes the hair shaft to contract. This results in hair looking smoother and shinier.

Heat Damaged Hair

Excess use of  your curling / flat iron  can damage your hair. You will need to avoid using the  hot irons as much as possible.  Next, start getting your ends trimmed every 3 weeks.  One also needs to ensure our hair have adequate moisture content. For moisture one can go back to simple therapies of mother nature that restore the moisture.Oil massage with oils like coconut, Olive oil , Pumpkin Seed Oil, Mix of Aloe Vera gel-water-lavender oil are very effective in restoring the moisture balance of our hair.

Color Damaged Hair

Commercial products in beauty salons that are used to color our hair are laden with chemicals. We strongly advise to not use such products and instead use natural equivalents based in Ayurveda. Sutatva Natural Hair Color is based on indigo leaf and can be used with henna to get beautiful hair colors from black to brown.

Although hair issues and their reasons  vary from person to person, this blog series is aimed at raising awareness and possible reasons for the most common hair conditions based on Ayurvedic philosophy. Any condition cannot be treated just by medicine alone and Ayurveda always looks at balancing the three elements of vata, kapha and pitta by prescribing a regime of Ayurvedic Products (Herbs) , Diet, Lifestyle and Exercises. Do consult our Hair Specialists who would help determine the imbalance in your body which is causing the problem and then prescribe a regime based on sutatva products and other necessary interventions.

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