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Skin Care

How to Take care of Oily Skin

How to Take care of Oily Skin?

So now that winters are nearly over and as we head into Spring and  summer, the sun would only get stronger and harsher.The coming season would come up with its share of Dermatological  Problems. The most common among them is Oily Skin. So how to take care of Oily Skin? We will cover a Few …

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Skin Toning And Its Benefits

Skin Toning and Its Benefits

What is Skin Toning and its benefits? Facial toner is basically the in-between step for skincare. It’s a product that is used post washing your face but before using serum or any moisturizer. The purpose of a Toner is to restore the ph of your skin after use of an alkaline based commercial soap. These …

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Benefits of Almond Oil

Benefits of Almond Oil

We all love to eat Almonds and it is a perfect snack from health point of view. Its benefits in improving our HDL Cholesterol and heart health is well known. Medical Science has well documented its benefits for brain health documented. But do you know the benefits of almond  go beyond just a healthy snack. …

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Benefits of Sesame Oil

Benefits of Sesame Oil

Many of us regularly use sesame oil in our kitchen for cooking purpose due to its hearty, nutty flavor and its high levels of mono- and polyunsaturated fats. But there are benefits that extend beyond use in our cooking especially for our hair and skin. This blog will educate our users about benefits of sesame …

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Skin Type

What type of Skin Type is Yours?

So, what type of skin is yours. That’s a million-dollar question that many of us wonder and it can feel complex and confusing at times. So, the good news is that it is not that hard to figure out what is one’s skin type, once you know what to watch. We are here to help …

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Skin Care Tips for Winters

Natural Skin Care Tips for Winters

Skin Care Tips for Winters using Natural Ayurvedic Products So its October and Winters are almost around the corner. So, we thought of putting some skin care tips for winters to benefit our Readers. In areas of Northern India where winters is usually harsh ,dry, chapped skin is likely  to be the norm for almost …

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Skin Care Post Delivery

A Rose in an Urn

How to deal with skin care after delivery I remember my pregnancy time- the skin quality was so good that I could swear by.There was shine, spark & healthy texture of skin. While I read about it; the supplements women take during pregnancy days do all wonder. Since I am postpartum 1 year now; I …

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Skin Care Tips for Men


While Most of Our Blogs have been focussed on Skin care such as Are serums good for your face…? or Importance of Skin Care Regimes for every skin type, we felt that we were a little biased towards women. So here is something for the Men Folks to read and imbibe. It is a myth …