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Why is it Necessary to Oil your Hair and Scalp?

Why is it Necessary to Oil your Hair and Scalp?

Most of us have been oiling our hair since we were small. However have you ever wondered why should one oil their hair?

We have all been passed this practice from generations by our parents and grandparents about the benefits of Oil for our hair.
A lot of gharelu Nuskas that come from our grandmothers (grannies and Nannies) comprise of oil as an essential element for both hair and skin. So what is it about oil that it has been an essential item in our grandparents Almiras from time immemorial? And what is it that Ayurvedic therapies have placed so much importance on the usage of Oil for both our external and internal nourishment and health.

Benefits of Oil Massage

Weekly Oil Applications has Holistic Therapeutic benefits for skin and hair. For example some of these are:

  • Complete scalp and hair nutrition: Massaging oil into your hair and scalp helps to 1)Increases blood circulation in the scalp 2) Provides the hair follicles with vital nutrients, which strengthens and supports the hair at the roots 3)soothe a dry and itchy scalp.
  • Restores the Vata Imbalance: Vata Dosha or the Dosha of Wind,Coolness is the most sensitive dosha .It is the one which goes most easily out of balance.Oiling your hair is an excellent way of bringing some comfort and balance to the vata dosha.
  • Improves our Ojas: Ojas is a mysterious essence that gives us and our bodies immunity,vitality,strength and luster. It is a by product of perfect Digestion. We improve our ojas with nourishing food(including oil), lifestyle practices, self-care, and a good sleep.
  • Stimulates Energy Points on our head: Also known as  marma points , there energy points located across our bodies. Some of these are located in the head. Massage of  these points can calm and relax us. Stimulating those energy points also help to reduce the effects of stress resulting in a good night of sleep.
Which Oil should one Use?

What type of Oil one should use depends on the constitution of person and the hair type. We are coming up with a Ayurvedic Profile Questionairre to help you determine your constitution. Sutatva has some amazing oils which are essential oils like cold pressed coconut oil, cold pressed sesame oil , cold pressed almond oil. Then there is  the sutatva healthy root hair oil which is a wonderful blend of sesame and coconut oils with some key herbs for hair growth, Dandruff and many other hair conditions. These oils help cooling and cleansing of the scalp (Thereby balancing the pitta), as well as calm and relax the mind.

The  best time to oil your hair is during your self-massage, also known as abhyanga in Ayurveda. You may  also oil your hair at bedtime  for deeper penetration , hydration and nourishment.

Do connect with us to get an idea of which is the best oil for you to use.

How to Apply Oil to Your Hair?

You would basically need the following

  • Healthy Root Hair Oil, or any other  oil of your choice
  • A Pot/ bowl /Mug filled with warm  water to heat the oil bottle
  • A towel in case  you want to wrap your hair post your massage
Usage Instructions
  1. Put your oil bottle in the bowl of hot water for a few minutes for the oil to melt and warm up.
  2. Part your hair across center and apply the oil tin a light manner on your scalp . Do this in different parts around your scalp, apply the oil and avoid it to drip down your head!
  3. Now lets start the Massage
  4. With medium to high  pressure, make circles around each side of your head.
  5. Make slow, gentle, clockwise circles to activate an energy /  marma point known as  Adhipati. This point can be gently rubbed  with or without oil to destress. To find this point , Place the base of your hand at the top of the forehead at the hairline.Now whereever the middle finger lands is Adhipati Marma.
  6. Massage the back of the head with your thumbs to release stress.Tilt your head forward to do this.
  7. Twist little bunches of hair in clockwise direction. This action will improve blood flow to small muscles connected to your hair.
  8. The oil will eventually be absorbed down the hair shaft.If you want to create more of an oil mask, add more oil with your hands and work it down to the tips. You can pile up your hair on top of your head. Then one can wrap it in a shower cap to create some heat.

The oiled hair can be left for any amount of time.If you can leave overnight! thats the bes. One is advised to wrap the head with a thin towel so that the scalp stays warm and oil does not drip . Do cover the  pillow with a towel before sleeping. Otherwise, Oil will stain and ruin your pillow covers and bedsheets etc.

You should use a gentle shampoo to wash your hair. We recommend sutatva natural hair cleanser or sulfate free organic shampoo for the same.



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